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  • Great group and great funky bus, we felt very safe. We would have liked to have one more week to go further in Kerala but we had to get back to work and family.
    Stephanie & Sandie
    Many Faces of India
  • What an amazing adventure. The organisation, itinerary, tour guide and the people attracted to go on this tour were fantastic. The freedom to explore and experience adventure together with the camaraderie meant I was was so sorry when it ended and I had to get back to normal life."
    Louise Noon
    Many Faces of India
  • I would sign up for any ROARR tour if they kept the size of the group and the bus. (I am not a tour person type) The pace was not too rushed and the accommodations were all above average. I was surprised about the spaciousness yet compact size of the bus. I would suggest this tour particularly to older single woman who are adventurous and fun but India would seem overwhelming to them.
    Danielle Withrow
    Many Faces of India
  • Highlights for me - Listening to the sound of the waves at night whilst lying in bed. Being in good company. The bus was beautiful, Michael the driver was a delight, he was very safe on the road. The tour was very well organized.
    Paul & Mary Kane
    Many Faces of India

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We have 4 Discovery Tours planned for the 2015/2016 winter season.


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